Pre-School Admissions

Preparing Students for a Christ-Centered Life

Hi! We are excited to get you started on your journey to become a CCA Charger! Please note, there are 5 steps in this enrollment process and on each step, someone from our team will reach out to you once each form has been submitted. 

Step 1

Apply online: ENROLL

Step 2

Transcript Review & Assessment

Step 3

Financial Paperwork & Finalize Application

Step 4

Acceptance or Denial Notification

Step 5

Welcome meeting with Admissions Director

Step 1: Enrollment

Hi! Thank you for your interest in becoming a CCA Charger! If you have a pre-schoolers, start by filling in this form below. 

Step 2: CCDF/Scholarship Application

To apply for state funding, click the link below. If approved, kindly inform our Pre-school director via email on [email protected] and proceed to Step 3.

If not approved for CCDF Funding, fill in the online scholarship form via the link below and once
submitted, proceed to step 3. 

Step 3: Enrollment Paperwork

Online Enrollment Paperwork Form

This form has required questions from the state of Indiana and is mandatory for each child.
It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to fill.

Pack A Lunch
Permission Form

Due to Indiana state guidelines, preschool students ARE NOT allowed to pack lunches unless they fill out a dietary restriction form for medical or religious reasons.

Physical Exam/Vaccination Exemption Form

This form is required by the state of Indiana in the case that parents decline to get a physical examination or vaccinations for their child.

Final Step

Once we have confirmed your tuition rates and have all the required documents, we will add you to Brightwheel and you will pay the $50 deposit to secure your spot!

Kindly review the exact documents required to share with us via [email protected]