Program Costs and Fees

Program Tuition: Full Time Student Enrollment- CCDF Eligible Student

Age (by what date?) CCDF Payment weekly  Out of Pocket weekly  Total Cost Weekly 
Three year old (K3) $176  $20 $196
Four year old (K4)  $176 $20 $196 

Commonly Asked Questions

See this link for more info or reach out to us today! If you are determined to be CCDF eligible by CCA, you are required to apply for the assistance. If you are approved for assistance, tuition assistance may be available based on your approval.

Apply for CCDF Assistance today: See this link to apply today!

  1. If eligible, each family will receive a CCDF “debit card.”
  2. At drop-off and pick-up times, you will swipe the card each day at our CCDF kiosk.
  3. These check-ins/check-outs will apply toward an attendance count for the state and thus qualify your card for payments.
  4. These payments should cover all but $20 of weekly tuition.

Note: You are allowed twenty “personal days” within the program. Once the child’s twenty days are exhausted, the family is responsible to pay for any days the child does not attend. For more information, please see the
Hoosier Works for Child Care Payment Rules Tip Sheet.

 Non-refundable deposit of $50 will be made at the beginning of enrollment to secure your child’s spot. 

The payment is late if received after the Friday of your agreed-upon payment schedule. There is a $25.00 late fee assessed for late payment if other arrangements have not been discussed with the Director or CCA Billing Office.

*There is a $25.00 late fee for all payments made after the Friday of each week that your payments are due based on your financial commitment form. 

All payments are made through your bright wheel application which accepts credit card, EFT check drafts and debit card payments. Checks are also accepted at the CCA Front Office.

Program Tuition: Full Time Student Enrollment- CCDF Non Eligible Student

Age (by what date?) Tuition Per week Are there scholarships Available? What is the maximum scholarship?
Three year old (K3) $196 Yes $96 weekly 
Four year old (K4)  $196 Yes $96 weekly 

Commonly Asked Questions

Please fill out this form and our Program Director or a member of our Admissions team will be in touch with you to follow up.
Yes, Discounts are based on needs determined by your financial situation.
 Yes, the family must agree to maintain consistent payment. Our donors are seeking to partner with families to help support their needs. 
No, not all families are eligible for our scholarship opportunities.