Charger Fund

Preparing Students for Life After School

What is the Charger Fund?

The Charger Fund is a vital part of continuing the direct impact Central Christian has made on families for the last 50 years. We stand as a school who serves all families and connects great education and opportunities to a biblical worldview. Giving to the Charger Fund allows our community to charge ahead into the next 50 years to help create opportunities at the collegiate, vocational and work readiness levels.

Tax Credit and Voucher scholarships do not cover the full cost of education and support needed at Central Christian Academy. This year more than ever, we need your support in the following areas.

Fundraising Goal
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Current Tally
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New Kitchen/Concession Combo

Goal – $35,000
Type of Need - Relocating and Upgrading Kitchen/Concessions
Students impacted – 200+ annually
Timeframe to complete – Summer 2022

CCA will move the old kitchen that services all students plus the indoor concessions serving over 40 Home events annually so new equipment and better options can be provided. 

New School 12/15 passenger van

Goal – $30,000
Type of Need - Increased ability to transport students
Students impacted – 200+ annually
Timeframe to complete – Summer 2022

CCA continues to have needs to shuttle students to field trips, to and from school, from group locations and to use with local ministry and service projects through the school year

CCA Learning/Testing Lab

Goal – $15,000
Type of Need -Student instruction/testing/pull out Students impacted – 200+ annually
Timeframe to complete – Summer 2022

CCA continues to grow in our need to service students with learning plans and indivdual tutoring/class pull out needs along with a dedicated area for student testing pull out and accomdations

CCA Missions Fund

Goal – $10,000
Type of Need - Mission/Service Trips- Spiritual Life Dept.
Students impacted – 100+ annually
Timeframe to complete – Fall/Winter 2022

CCA desires to have all students in grades 7-12 be able to experience a local mission trip and an international mission trip before their time of graduation. These funds will be used to offset expenses as students raise their own funding for 2022/23

CCA Building and playground upgrade

Goal – $40,000
Type of Need - Carpeting/Flooring
Students impacted – 200+ annually
Timeframe to complete – Summer or Winter 2022

CCA is in significant need of upgraded flooring stemming from over 20 years of changes that have not beein consistent for classroom and hallway flooring ,the playground is in rough shape.

Classroom Needs

Goal – $30K

The demand for a Central Christian education has increased greatly in the past months and years. To meet this demand, Central Christian will need to upgrade classroom technology to connect virtually with students, and purchase more supplies to keep our students safe. Your support will help Central Christian equip our classrooms with the right tools so teachers and students will get the most out of their time together.

Employee Christmas Fund

Goal – $30,000

The employees at Central Christian give their time and talents to the community each and every day. Sometimes, it’s not just the employees, but their spouses and family as well. The Christmas fund exists to deliver a generous bonus to our Central Christian employees for all their hard work, and your donation can help make that happen.

Tuition Assistance Fund

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For some, attending Central Christian can prove to be a financial challenge. Each year, many families find unique ways to bridge that gap and ensure their children receive a Central Christian Education. The Charger Fund aims to assist struggling families and help them through a consistent tuition assistance program. With your generosity, we can continue to support those who find it difficult to send their children to Central Christian every year.

About The Program

The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program was established to incentivize private donations to fund educational choice for low to middle income families attending non-public schools. Alternatively, it’s been called the SEC (Scholarships for Education Choice) and SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) program. Whatever you call it, it has been one of the most exciting and beneficial programs produced by Indiana’s state government in recent years.

The SGO program has provided many families with the funds necessary to allow their children a Christian education. When you give to the SGO program, through the Charger Fund, your support provides Central Christian the ability to continue to grow and better serve its students.

Sagamore Institute SGO

Sagamore Institute SGO is an Indiana state-certified scholarship granting organization that partners with Central Christian on this program. More information regarding Sagamore Institute is available at scholarshipsforeducationchoice .com.

How to Donate

In order to secure your state tax credit, each donation requires an online donation or a completed Donor Form (for checks).

For the online donation, you can click here.

If you’d prefer to donate by check, please make checks payable to Sagamore Institute SGO and mail the form with the donation to Sagamore Institute SGO, PO Box 301076 Indianapolis, IN 46230. Please leave the check memo line blank, and attach a note saying you’d like to donate to Central Christian. When you give, Sagamore will apply your gift to the state for your tax credit and will issue your income tax receipt.

We Would Love Your Support