Early Childhood

These guides are helpful for planning your and your child’s school year.

Program Introduction

Central Christian Academy (CCA) welcomes you and your family. The day your child enters our Early Childhood Program, we believe the parent and the school become partners in the responsibility for his/her mental, social, physical, and emotional development. It is important to us that your child’s first school experience be positive and rewarding. We strive to help each child develop a healthy self-concept through “active learning” in a peer group setting. In addition, each child is nurtured to improve his/her social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual/cognitive, and physical capabilities. We are glad you have chosen Central Christian Academy, and look forward to the partnership during your child’s time with us.

Central Christian Academy is a private, Indiana licensed K-3 and K-4 preschool program.  We are a Christ-centered, faith-based preschool.  We welcome all children and their families, regardless of your faith or church attendance. 

Program Costs

Central Christian Academy Early Childhood programming is a licensed center in the state of Indiana. As part of our commitments in our Foundations of Hope Platform, we do accept CCDF funding as a part of our program.

See our 2021/22 Early Childhood Cost List HERE. Our Indiana license number is 1101056.

What to Expect 
Each day, your child will participate in many activities designed to help them meet the following goals by the end of the year. This list is just an example and is not all-inclusive. Your child will have the opportunity to:


Identify letters, make rhyming words, retell stories, print concepts, sing rhyming songs, learn nursery rhymes


Count, identify numbers, match objects to a written number, identify shapes, create patterns


Promote experimentation, inquiry, observation, and exploration through play, increase curiosity, develop persistence and attention span


Engage in conversations with adults and peers, listen to and follow multi-step directions, develop language skills

Social / Emotional / Spiritual Development​

Take turns, identify emotions and calming strategies including prayer, begin to resolve conflicts with peers independently in a Chrisitan manner, develop a love of learning

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Physical Development and Health​

Write and copy letters, shapes, and numbers, hold a pencil correctly, hop on one foot, run in a straight line, model healthy eating Social Studies​: identify community helpers, the fruit of the spirit activities and concepts of money, and the concept of a physical address


Describe types of weather and seasons, use tools for simple investigations and seek God’s unique touch in His creation.


Sing songs in a variety of ways, progress in ability to draw and create

What is provided outside of instruction in the classroom

Food- Breakfast, Morning Snack, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack are all provided as part of the tuition payments. Parent communication and notes via the Brightwheel Classroom Connection app daily.