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Academics - Central Christian Academy

Preparing Students for Life After School


Every Student Is Unique


Teachers Who Care

Passionate teachers with small classes provide the individual attention each student requires.

Safe Environment

A Safe Environment

Students are free to flourish in their education and Biblical spiritual formation. Several security measures are employed to maintain a safe school .

life changing

Life Changing Education

Education is more than sitting in a room, learning from a teacher. It's our desire to provide skills students can use in the workforce after graduating.

Life Tracks

New for 2019-2020

College Prepatory

Students can earn college credit while in high school, and in many cases have enough credits to enter college as a sophomore.

College Athletics

Students who excel in athletics can work and train physically and mentally every day to prepare for entrance into a NCAA D-Level university.

Vocational School

Many of the skilled trades are experiencing a massive shortage and need replacement as many current workers retire.

New for 2019-2020

Practical Life Skills


Corporate Work Study

Students are employed as interns inside a variety of companies around town to earn real-world experience.

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