What Is Workforce Readiness & How It Helps Students

What Is Workforce Readiness & How It Helps Students

In the past few years, the United States educational system has seen a decline in its student’s workforce readiness. With the pandemic, this gap has widened even further. Focus has shifted to make a concerted effort in getting our students prepared for a wider range of skills, putting them in front of a bigger set of career preparation activities. This helps make sure our schools are becoming accountable for the outcomes of such things as college and career readiness.

Let’s take a look at just what workplace readiness means and how our schools can help.

What Is Workplace Readiness

So, what is workplace readiness? Schools across the country are now putting much of their focus into getting their students collegiate and workforce ready. What this means is that we want to ensure students exit high school prepared for success in a wide variety of high-quality post secondary options. Specifically, college and career readiness refers to the skills, knowledge and dispositions needed to be successful in post secondary opportunities leading to employment.

Within these programs, schools look to establish a base by building upon a foundation that establishes a comprehensive approach to high-quality learning extending through middle and secondary learning years. This allows career-ready students to exit high school with a complete understanding of career opportunities available to them, and the education that might be necessary to be workforce ready in their chosen career.

How Workforce Readiness Helps Graduates After School

In many instances, our schools have started wonderful collaborations with their surrounding communities and workplaces. Having these collaborations and employer engagement opportunities with students helps students become workforce ready. This has allowed both schools and collaborators to adequately reflect to students the career preparation, training, and skills needed for current and emerging local industries.

When students are prepared across a wide range of skills, knowledge, and abilities, they are not only finding better job opportunities, but they are also engaging and becoming more active as community members and citizens. This can be especially true in areas such as voting and community participation, which leads to a more active voice and influence in the community.

Central Christian Academy is at the forefront of our students’ workplace readiness. At CCA we expose our students to early career options and workforce readiness, while taking a holistic approach to college and career futures and civic life across academic socio-emotional factors. 

The Importance of Workplace Readiness for Students

If there is one thing we can do to help our students while they are under our care, it’s to give them the best possible head start on their professional lives. So, what does making our students workforce ready mean? 

As we prepare our students for their future and the possible career path they may choose, we must help them to understand that gaining knowledge, retaining it, and really understanding it are pillars in student development. Allowing self-learning can promote self-confidence and instill a love of a future career at a young age.

Students must also become comfortable with complexity when talking about workplace readiness. The world is a complex place, and it’s not going to be changing anytime soon. Placing students in front of complexities, especially scenarios they may face in the real world workplace is key. 

Finally, the workforce is becoming worldlier than ever before. Everything from communication to being able to work as a part of a team is crucial to a student’s future success. 

Central Christian Academy: Focusing on Workforce Readiness Since 1971

At Central Christian Academy, we are focused on making sure your child is workforce ready by the time they leave our halls. Since 1971, Central Christian Academy has been providing the Indianapolis area with a premier Christ-centered education founded on a Biblical platform that has developed future community leaders and opened doors for our students at some of the nation’s best colleges and businesses.

Beyond just great teachers and a safe environment, CCA offers students a life-changing educational experience and workforce readiness. At CCA, we realize that education is more than just sitting in a room, learning from the teacher. We want our students to experience real-world experiences and obtain skills that will help them become workforce ready upon graduation.

Contact us today to speak with one of our admissions counselors and discover why Central Christian Academy is the school for your child.