Reasons to Choose a Private Christian School in Indianapolis

Reasons to Choose a Private Christian School in Indianapolis

When it comes to education, you have a lot of options for your child. So, why choose to send your child to a Christian school in Indianapolis? A Christian education provides much more than your typical education, encouraging children to flourish in their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

If you are looking for an alternative to public schooling, here are some reasons why you should choose a Christian school in Indianapolis.

A Focus on Character Development

School-aged children are in a critical stage of discovering their identity, and a Christian school can help foster and shape their character by blending both wisdom and knowledge into their curriculum. Many Christian schools in Indianapolis also integrate service opportunities into coursework and offer spiritual development.

They Teach the Bible

Christian schools in Indianapolis can provide your child with a Biblical foundation, teaching the truth about God’s word. This knowledge will be the foundation of all subjects. Children in Christian schools often have familiarity with Bible stories from a young age, and they will continue to expand upon that exposure throughout their education. 

With this foundation, children can graduate from a private school in Indianapolis with an improved understanding of the world as it relates to the word of God.

Prayer as Part of the School Day

A benefit of Christian schools is they promote corporate prayer as an integral part of their day.  Teachers and students pray for one another in both times of blessing and times of challenge, creating a loving, inclusive learning environment. 

Focus on Moral Values

Christian education provides a Biblical foundation for your child with spiritual and moral formation at the forefront. Private high schools in Indianapolis focus on developing a caring community where students, faculty, and staff encourage each other. Providing authentic relationships, your child’s education should develop character and intellect, equipping them for a life of service.

Christian schools are mission-driven to sharpen student’s minds, deepen their faith, and develop their talents. Part of that sharpening includes behavioral expectations that help them mature during their time in the classroom.

Teachers Model Christian Principles

Children need positive role models in their life to help influence their future. Since a child spends most of their day in school under the supervision of their teachers, those in charge should be people who are modeling shared values. Teachers will model and openly display Christian principles so that your child will learn, grow, and practice their faith in their daily life.

In private high schools in Indianapolis, teachers will mentor students and give the attention and care needed to for them to thrive both now and in the future.

Strong Curriculum

Christian schools promote academic excellence while also being humble. Although the curriculum will prioritize academics, a Christian school can integrate their Biblical values. Your child will look at their subjects through a Christian lens. This allows a safe environment for students to develop worldviews while allowing discussion about God, the Creator, and all concepts.

Provides a Safe Emotional and Spiritual Environment

Along with a child’s physical and mental development, Christian schools in Indianapolis also seek to foster a secure and safe spiritual and emotional environment. Nurturing your child in a caring, safe atmosphere is important. A Christian school provides a place for students to express themselves and their ideas while exploring new adventures in a judgment-free zone.

They Give Your Child Attention and Instruction

A faith-based educational experience gives your child more individual attention than a typical public school. Teachers and staff view each child as a unique person created in God’s image with talents and gifts that they seek to develop for God’s glory. Private high schools in Indianapolis have small class sizes with students receiving one-on-one attention to allow the teachers and administrators to get to know each student individually.

They Promote Positive Peer Influence

Early in life, your child’s friends will influence many of their future decisions. Having peers who hold similar values can help a child thrive and make wiser decisions as they get older. Christian schools in Indianapolis are filled with students who reinforce their peers’ positive habits and attitudes.

Encouragement in the Development of the Whole Child

Christian-based education seeks to develop a well-rounded individual through academics and spirituality. Students at private high schools in Indianapolis can participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities from athletics, art, music, robotics, and forensics. The classroom should be a space for character and intellect, aiding students to become servant leaders.

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