Nehemiah Project

Building a Educational and Community Focused wall around the Bean Creek and Garfield Park Communities
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What is the Nehemiah Project

Our goal is simple. Let us rise up and build, and set our hands to this good work. We want to recognize the names of all in the community that do the work of building and stay consistently at work and on the mission. While always keeping God in the first position. And do this by creating a new school for our students and community.
CCA is the christian school in Indianapolis

Meet Our New Space


CCA seeks to raise the offer price through private donations

Estimated 150 students the 1st year, 250 the 2nd year and 300 the 3rd year
  • Not at all- Our current location was built and designed as an elementary school. 
  • CCA will keep the building and operate our K3-6th model as a second location. 
  • Even though the distance between the buildings is only a couple of miles the reality of this distance is significant. 
  • In low income areas, access to transportation is an issue so leaving our current location would leave many families behind. CCA will not leave those families behind. 
  • CCA will target transportation services from our current location to the new location for students entering 7-12th. 
  • With this project complete, CCA will become a school with One mission, One Heartbeat in Two locations.

We Would Love Your Support